What We Do

BeOurGuest is on a mission to bring this ‘queue culture’ to an end. Our mobile application lets you order food at your favorite self-service restaurant from the comfort of your seat. Why let your date wait at the table while you endure the long queue at the counter? Why make queues when you can make memories?

About Us

We are BeOurGuest, a mobile application that will revolutionize the way world orders food at restaurants and cafes.

At BeOurGuest, we realize and respect a very simple fact. A fact that the world of food and restaurants has never really paid attention to: We humans don’t like to wait. More so, when the distance between our most favorite dish at our most favorite café and us - is some 27 humans away. Yes. We are talking about those never ending queues that we have to endure before ordering the dish we have craved for since days. Never liked them? Don’t worry, BOG comes to the rescue!

The Process:


Download the BOG app from the app store.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code on your table to access the menu of the restaurant

Add To Cart

Select your order and add it to cart


Make the payment


Your order will be served in a while 🙂

For Users

It’s easy, simple and hassle free

  • Ditch the queue and save your time
  • Book your table in advance
  • Don’t wait for waiter, order through your own mobile phone.
  • Split the bill.
  • Discover the in-trend food at your locality

For Restaurants

Manage your restaurants now at your fingertips

  • Digitize your menu
  • Reduce manual error and workforce
  • Automate the process of ordering
  • Increase your efficiency and deliver more
  • Direct KOT to the kitchen
  • Edit your menu in real time
  • Analytics of your sales

Our Mission

We aim at reducing queues at self-service outlets and food courts and make dining experience easier for the world. BOG also aims at providing a more efficient and effective working model to restaurant and food court owners, bringing a growth in their business profitability.

From Our Team Members

V. S. Chauhan, Co-Founders
Dhruv Chauhan, Co-Founders
Neehar Ranjan, Co-Founders
Vikram Chauhan, Co-Founders

Contact Us

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